Crew Profile: Tessa Densley

1. Your role at Spartansuppz?

  "I am the Spartansuppz Point Cook Manager, i look after the store and the great group of guys that we have here being Logan and Beau. I help to make sure that our customers get the right supplements their looking for not just the right categories but the right things for their goals. We also partner with local gym's group's, parent group's all that stuff to make sure that people are getting the right sort of education on how supplementation and training can help what they're looking to do." 

2. What do you train for?

" I am an amateur bodybuilder, i basically just want to create a physique that one day i can look at and see is the best i have done."

3. How did you get into training?

"I saw these beautiful beautiful big strong ladies and thought that was the most perfect thing that i had seen in the world, so i thought id give it a shot."

4. Top 3 supplement recommendations?

" I love MTS Greens because if your gut isn't working then the rest of it just isn't worth doing. Orthabolic is a fantastic supplement without these joints nothing works, you cant lift the big heavy things if the joints aren't working. Other than that HCL, Creatine HCL."

5. Cheat meal-what's your go to?

"I would probably go to Vegie bar, oh don't roll your eyes at me. I'm so painfully disappointing, I just don't, i'm just done with it. I did so much of it when i was younger and seen all the negative effects. Yep, Vegie Bar, maybe a Raw Pad Thai."  

Get in touch with Tessa:

IG: @tessas_aesthetixxx