Aminos by Muscle Nation

Size: 30 Serves
Flavour: Apple Blackcurrant
$59.95 $71.94


Aminos by Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation Aminos combine the benefits of BCAA’s & EAA’s to build & repair muscle tissue, along with the replenishing and restorative power of a blend of electrolytes. Muscle Nation Aaminos range will have your muscles prepped and ready for a short recovery by packing in Glutamine which is an essential amino acid and a critical part of your immune system and digestive health.


  • 30 Servings packed with BCAA’s to build & repair Muscle
  • Blended Electrolytes to restore muscle
  • A variety of flavors for any palette
  • Easy to mix, just shake it up & go

Our Thoughts:

Muscle Nation Aminos vary in different flavors such as Grape, Watermelon, and Green Apple to name a few. Complete with essential daily amino acids vital to build and repair muscle all the while replenishing your electrolytes to help you move those muscles more effectively!

Not only that but help get in your daily water intake and staying hydrated also is a bonus! We recommend mixing in ½ - 1 scoop of Amino into cool or cold water taken during a workout. It’s also good to throw some in, in the morning for a good hydrated way to wake up in the morning!

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