Faction Labs Disorder Energy RTD

Size: Single
Flavour: Yellow Fever (Pine Lime)
$6 $9.95


Faction Labs Disorder Energy RTD

One of Australia's favourite pre-workout now comes in a handy ready-to-drink can, perfect to have on hand for when you need a pick-me-up throughout the day and can even be used to fuel your workout!

Disorder Energy packs 160mg of caffeine into each delicious serving and only has a MAX of 4 Calories, depending on which flavour you chose.

Speaking of flavours, Disorder Energy features the six classic flavours we all know and love:

  • Yellow Fever (Pine Lime)
  • Orange Firm (Orange Mango)
  • Blue Pearl (Candy Bomb)
  • Red Russian (Red Raspberry)
  • Red Russian (Red Raspberry)
  • Pink Bits (Strawberries & Cream)


  • 500ml Size
  • 6 Delicious Flavours
  • 160mg Caffeine
  • Only 0-4 Calories* Depending on the flavours

Our Thoughts

Everyone knows we love Disorder and the addition of a lower stimulant energy drink is perfect in our eyes!

This is the perfect mid-day pick-me-up that will help you power through your day and not give you a hard crash.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Schmidt
Disorder Energy Drink

Yeah pretty solid. Tasted really good. Bit of a pep but nothing outrageous. Definitely a really good energy drink but no pre workout of course.

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