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Flavour: Fudge Brownie
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MRE Lite Redcon1: The Dairy-Free Protein Powerhouse

Experience the Power of Real Whole Food Protein

MRE Lite Redcon1 is not your average protein powder. It's a game-changing, dairy-free formula designed to fuel your body with quality nutrition derived from whole food sources.

Key Benefits:

  • Whole Food Protein: Packed with protein from natural sources like beef, salmon, egg, and chicken protein.
  • Dairy-Free Goodness: Perfect for those with lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivities.
  • Low Carb Solution: Supports your fitness goals without the excess carbohydrates.
  • Meal Replacement: Ideal for on-the-go nutrition or when you need a quick meal substitute.
  • Full Spectrum Amino Acids: Contains all the essential amino acids for comprehensive muscle support.

Why Choose Redcon1 MRE Lite?

Whether you're a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply someone looking for a high-quality protein source, MRE Lite stands out. It's formulated to provide the fuel you need without the dairy, making it easier on your stomach and perfect for your active lifestyle.

With MRE Lite, you're not just consuming protein; you're nourishing your body with a spectrum of nutrients from real foods. It's the smart choice for those who demand more from their protein powder. Fuel your fitness journey with MRE Lite Redcon1 – the dairy-free way to optimal performance and recovery. Get yours today and taste the difference real food makes!

How to use this?

Mix 1-2 scoops and consume anytime throughout the day you need a boost in protein intake. This could be first thing in the morning or again post-workout.

What do we like about MRE here at Spartans?

This is a 100% dairy free protein powder. It's low carb, low fat and packs a variety of different protein sources. Flavours are amazing this can be used anytime during the day or night.

Note: Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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