El1minate by Olympus Labs

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El1minate by Olympus Labs

Controlling estrogen levels is of well-known importance to those who are trying to build muscle or undertaking body recomposition. Enter Olympus Labs El1minate - the estrogen controlling powerhouse. Estrogen, while commonly believed to be the "female" hormone, is a hormone that is found in males. In males, estrogen plays roles in sex function, bone & cardiovascular health.

A vital component in regards to estrogen in males is what is known as the hormonal balance, the balance between testosterone & estrogen. Ideally, for men, we want to see the balance being higher in testosterone & estrogen. Having a higher level of testosterone will increase sex drive, improve muscle gain & improve your sense of well being.

Key Features

  • Decrease estrogen levels
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Improved muscle building potential
  • A better sense of well-being

Our Thoughts

Due to a number of factors, the balance of testosterone and estrogen can be skewed too far in estrogens favour and can cause a number of issues such as increased body fat, increased water retention & increase risk of cardiovascular disease. If this sounds like something you may be experiencing, El1minate is for you.

Customer Reviews

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Steven Batty (stevebatt-71)

My supplements arrived on time and intact.
I will buy from these guys again.

Thanks Steve! Olympus has a great product line up so I'm glad you like them

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