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What Are The Ingredients In Redcon1 Double Tap?

Caffeine Anhydrous 150mg: Fast-acting energy this form of caffeine kicks in quickly so you have the energy mental focus and performance increase needed to tackle your next workout or cardio session. This moderate dose means you get all of the benefits of caffeine for increasing metabolic rate without the jitters often associated with high amounts of the ingredient.

Caffeine Malate 150mg: This is a buffered form of caffeine with a longer more sustained half-life giving double-tap the ability to provide long-lasting energy without any form of crash. This is a must-have in any successful fat burner.

Choline 750mg: A nutrient has been shown to enhance focus and clarity, which helps establish and enhance the mind-muscle connection during your training sessions. Time and time again a greater mind-muscle connection has been shown to increase muscle gain in desired target areas.

Juniper Berry Extract 150mg: Derived from the berries of the Juniper tree this extract can help the body temporarily eliminate water and increase natural urine production leading to a dryer leaner look inside and outside of the gym. Look leaner all day long with this unique ingredient.

What Flavour Of Redcon1 Double Tap Is The Best?

Strawberry Mango is absolutely delicious! The team voted this as the best tasting flavour

Does Double Tap Fat Burner Have Any Side Effects?

In healthy individuals, following the recommended doses there are not likely to be any side effects from Redcon1 Double Tap - please consult a health professional if you notice any adverse effects.

Why Should I Take A Fat Burner?

Fat Burners are a great tool to utilise when you want to lose some serious weight, they can help your body to burn more calories and metabolise fat more effectively.

These supplements are not going to do the work for you! They MUST be used in conjunction with a good training program and a caloric deficit diet in order to be effective - nail the basics and then Double Tap will take you to the next level.

Does Redcon1 Double Tap Work?

Yes! Double Tap by Redcon1 works through thermogenics & burning fatty acids through exercise, for best results, as with all fat burners we recommend following a fitness plan & proper nutrition/calorie controlled diet.

How Much Caffeine Is In Redcon1 Double Tap?

Redcon1’s Double Tap contains 150mg of caffeine per serve, this is equivalent to approximately 1.5 - 2 Standard cups of coffee, which is a perfect amount to be used as a low-mid energy Pre Workout, or just a standalone Fat Burner.

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