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What are Sling Shot Lifting Straps?

Sling Shot Lifting Straps are a training tool to help increase grip strength in the gym.

Have you ever been doing a set of pulldowns or rows and found your grip giving out before your back? This is very common as the back is a bigger,stronger muscles than the forearms.

The solution? Use straps! Utilising lifting straps can help you get the most of of your grip to lift more weights and get more reps on a given exercise.

If your goal is to build a bigger,stronger back then you should be aiming to lift the most weight for the maximum amount of reps.

Don't let grip be your limiting factor.

We recommend working up as high as you can without straps then adding them in once your grip starts breaking down.

This way you maintain great grip strength but can still take your lifts to the limi for maximum muscle stimulation.

Using straps is also a much safer way of deadlifting. Pulling double overhand is the ideal scenario to prevent injuries and muscle imbalances. The problem however is this is typically the weakest grip and you will struggle to hold onto heavier weights.

Adding Sling Shot Lifting Straps into your training with a double overhand grip will mean you can train hard,heavy & safely.


These have been designed for anyone and everyone looking to increase their grip/strength in pulling movements.

These are used by some of the strongest people on the planet so you know the quality is of the highest calibre.

These are also the straps used by worlds strongest man Brian Shaw.

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