Figure 6 Lifting Straps by Spartans

Size: OSFM
Colour: Black
$24.95 $32.45


Spartans Lifting Straps

The Spartans Lifting Straps are perfect for those who really want to push themselves to the limit! These are designed to allow us to train beyond the limit of our grip strength. Perfect to use while deadlifting, lat pulldowns, and rows.

Key Features

  • Simple figure 6 design
  • Padded for comfort
  • Sold as a pair
  • One size fits all

Our Thoughts

Lifting Straps are a must-have gym accessory in every serious lifters gym bag. The Spartans straps can help you move heavier weight, putting less emphasis on grip strength so you can focus on contracting the target muscle. Our favourite feature about these straps is their inner neoprene which provides a lot of comfort.

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