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Ultra Z by Darkside Supps

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Ultra Z by Darkside Supps

Ultra Z by Darkside Supps is a scientific sleep aid designed to improve your sleep quality and quantity. Featuring only the finest quality ingredients, Ultra Z packs maximum punch meaning maximum effects when it comes to your sleep. Because Ultra Z encourages the production of serotonin, a precursor to melatonin, it actually helps regulate sleep/wake cycles long-term - as well as helping you drift off straight away. 


  • High strength sleep aid
  • Calming and relaxing effect
  • Decreases brain and CNS function to enable more peaceful rest
  • Improves sleep quality and quantity

Our Thoughts

Ultra Z by Darkside Supps is a potent sleep aid, and one of our favorite ways to catch some extra Zzzs! We know how important sleep is for training, recovery, and life - but so few of us actually get the recommended 8 daily hours. With the help of Ultra Z, you can experience what it’s like to feel truly well-rested, and see how your mood and energy improve straight away

Frequently Asked Questions

Darkside Supplements Ultra Z

  1. What is it? This is a powerful sleep aid designed to enhance your quality & quantity of sleep.
  2. How do I use it? Mix 1 scoop in 250ml of water roughly 30 minutes before going to bed.
  3. Who is this for? This is for anyone looking to increase their sleep quality. If you're struggling with sleep at the moment, this would be a great choice.

Key Features:

- Powerful ingredients

-Massive dosing for maximum effects when it comes to your sleep

-Australian made & owned

What Are The Key Ingredients Found In Darkside Supplements Ultra Z?

  • Gamma Amino Butyric Acid 3000mg: This is a powerful sleep ingredient that allows our mind to relax and fall asleep. It has quite a calming effect and you may actually feel it working before you drift off to sleep.
  • Magnesium Citrate 400mg: This is actually a vitally essential mineral for a number of functions within the body. It works to calm our nervous system & brain to allow us to get into a more sleep-ready state.
  • 5 HTP 250mg: This produces serotonin which is a precursor to melatonin which regulates sleep/wake cycles. In addition to this, it also happens to be excellent for promoting recovery.

Why take a Sleep Aid?


We've all heard a hundred times how important sleep is for good reason, it's true! If we don't get enough quality & quantity of sleep then we start falling apart. We can't focus as well, energy levels plummet, recovery is terrible and you'll quickly notice yourself getting frustrated both mentally and physically.

Utilizing a sleep aid supplement can help to improve the quality of sleep you get on a daily basis while promoting good sleep habits.

What Flavours Are There?

This comes in two delicious flavors at present:

  • Golden Dreams-Pineapple
  • Fantasy-Raspberry Lemonade

When do I take Ultra Z?

FOr best results, we'd recommend taking this 30 minutes before going to bed to ensure there's enough time for this to digest and get to sleep.

Who Can Take This?

This is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 years old. Please keep in mind this is a supplement, not a replacement for good sleep habits. We'd recommend using this a maximum of 3-4 nights per week.

Does Ultra Z have any side effects?

If used on a regular basis such as every day, it's common to build up a reliance on any sleep supplement. If we don't have it, we think we won't be able to sleep well!

To prevent this from happening save it for the nights when you really need to sleep well.

It'll save you some money and ensure you have a great nights sleep when it's needed most.


For first time users:

We'd suggest starting out with a half a serve and also set an alarm in the morning just in case! Sleep aids a very in effect depending on the body/conditions so it's always best to start with a smaller dose to see how your body likes it before going up.

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