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Disorder Pre Workout: To try or not? 

Disorder pre workout is an extreme energy pre-workout supplement that has peak performance as its top priority. This product packs pumps, energy & focus in an all-in-one pre-workout experience.

Faction Labs Disorder is a meticulously formulated pre-workout designed with optimal performance in the gym in mind. Faction Labs never do things by halves and that is no exception here, this formula features an array of ingredients targeting key aspects of our training.

Disorder brings to the party, plenty of energy, nootropics for intense mental focus and nitric oxide boosters for optimal nutrient delivery and crazy pumps.


Disorder Key Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

The most popular central nervous stimulant on the market. This compound boosts energy, metabolism and is one of the most beneficial performance ingredients on the market.

Alpha GPC

A form of Choline that induces a euphoric feeling & boosts mental focus.


An amino acid that helps to buffer the build-up of fatiguing metabolic by-products in the muscle allowing you to train harder for longer.

Acetyl L-Tyrosine

An amino acid that helps to improve mental focus, cognition & concentration while training.


Flavours & Mix-ability

At present Krush comes in 7 flavours, with more on the way!

  • Red Russian - Red Raspberry
  • Green Haze - Passionfruit
  • Blue Pearl - Candy Bomb
  • Purple Reign - Watermelon
  • White Snow - Vanilla Cola
  • Yellow Fever - Pine Lime
  • Black Fire - Grape
  • Orange Firm - Orange Mango

The mixability of Disorder is really good, you can see it mixing itself into your water as soon as you pour in your scoop!

The flavours are fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC!

Faction Labs are known for their incredible flavours across their entire range and for my 2 cents they always live up to that reputation. Which ever one you go for, you can't miss.


  • Extreme Energy
  • Optimal performance
  • Huge range of flavours

Value For Money

Disorder retails at $69.95 which leaves it at $1.39 per serve, which is insane, almost an entire dollar less than most pre-workouts.

For the product itself, plus the fact it's Australian made and owned, you would be hard pressed to find a better pre-workout on the market with better value.


To shop the full range of Faction Labs products click here.

Disorder by Faction Labs


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