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Sling Shot Supplements Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Perth, Canberra, Australia & Online

Mark Bell Sling Shot Australia

Sling Shot was designed and created by powerlifter Mark Bell. He has continual injuries as a result of training to his limits. A shoulder injury meant he could no longer bench press without being in severe pain.

After multiple pec tears he knew he needed to find a way to be able to bench press safely.
Mark Bell proceeded to create the original Sling Shot. This is a bench press assistance tool to help keep you safe in the gym.
Keep your elbows in,learn good technique and protect your shoulders. Stay safe while improving technique and strength.

Mark Bell’s Sling Shot range of lifters accessories has expanded a bit. This includes knee wraps,various wrist wraps,knee sleeves and hip circles to name a few.
These innovative designs are used by the top strength athletes from around the world.
You will see numerous world record holders making use of the product to keep them safe during training and competition.
The Sling Shot range is always growing as they aim to have everything a lifter needs to get strong and stay safe.
This brand came of a need to find a solution to a problem. They don’t just make problems-they fix problems. This has been the intention with all the products.
The best progress comes from training well for a long period of time. A big factor in that is staying safe and injury free.
Sling Shot products from Mark Bell can be a vital training tool to help protect your ligaments and joints in the gym.

The Sling Shot brand has developed to become a comprehensive training accessory company.

Another star product for the brand is the Gansta Wraps. These are the toughest wrist wraps on the market providing incredible support for even world record breaking lifts. These products have been designed for and tested by some of the strongest humans on the planet. When you use a SlingShot product you know you are using the same items used by champions.

The brand founded by Mark Bell also features:

Gangsta wraps

Power wraps

Knee sleeves

Hip circle

Original slingshot

Ful boar slingshot

Reactive slingshot

Maddog Slignshot

Mutli-purpose wraps

Grippy Hip Circle

Strong Wrist Wraps

Strong Knee Sleeves

Sling Shot Knee Wraps

Sling Shot Lifting Straps


Just like you we love to train. Our mission is simple: help people achieve their goals. With that in mind we’re here to help whenever you need it.
We personally use Mark Bell’s Sling Shot products so can provide first hand advice on how best to implement them into your training and what would work best for you.
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We're as passionate about lifting as you are so completely understand when you placed your order online you want to start using the products as soon as possible.

If you’d like some help with Sling Shot products or anything else feel free to contact our support team via phone,email or social media anytime.

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