Pure Pro 50 by Optimum Nutrition

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Size: Single
Flavour: Banana
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Pure Pro 50 by Optimum Nutrition

Pure Pro 50 by Optimum Nutrition is a convenient high protein ready-to-drink beverage, perfect to meet your protein needs after a heavy workout or as a macro-friendly snack between meals. Containing 50g of high quality blended whey protein per serve, and a huge serving of branched-chain and essential amino acids, Pure Pro 50 will support your muscle growth and recovery and fuel strength and endurance on the gym floor.


  • Premium ready to drink a protein supplement
  • Huge 50g protein, 2g fat and 4g carbohydrate per serve
  • No preparation necessary
  • Calcium-rich for bone strength

Our Thoughts

The only thing more convenient than an easy-to-blend protein powder… is a complete nutritional shake that comes ready blended! Optimum Nutrition’s Pure Pro 50 delivers a double dose of protein to power you up after training, allowing you to take full advantage of that metabolic protein synthesis window and double down on muscle gains. Literally, zero preparation required, all you need to do is shake, unscrew and drink - so you can save all that hard work and energy for where it belongs, on the gym floor.

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