212° Thermo Shred Stack

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Axe and Sledge 212° Thermo Shred Stack - Get Summer Ready, Fast!

Axe and Sledge 212° Thermo is a high-powered fat burner that offers the highest quality ingredients, improving your body's ability to burn fat - coupled with an additional dose of Acetyl L-Carnitine, you have a complete fat loss powerhouse.

With it's high energy formula his stack will have you amped up & ready to attack your sessions head-on!

212° Thermo's top tier fat-burning ingredients + an additional 1000mg of Carnitine will have you sweating up a storm & rapidly melting the fat away!

Key Benefits of 212° Thermo Shred Stack

✔ Suppressed Appetite
✔ Increased Energy
 Enhanced Mood
 Boosted Mental Focus
 Increased Metabolism

Simply mix one scoop of 212° Thermo & 1 scoop of Acetyl L-Carnitine with 250-350mls of water & drink it 15-30 minutes prior to training for a hard-hitting fat-burning kick!

212° Thermo Shred Stack is best taken first thing in the morning, replacing your morning coffee and/or 15-30 minutes before training

Yes! 212° Thermo features clinical doses of ingredients all with years of research behind them
Axe and Sledge also go to the effort to use trademarked ingredients that guarantee quality

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