Axe and Sledge 212° Thermo Fat Burner

Size: 30 Serves
Flavour: Sweet Heat (Spicy Mango)


Axe and Sledge 212° Thermo Fat Burner - Get Ready To Sweat MF'ers!

Axe and Sledge 212° Thermo is a potent stimulant-based fat burner that offers the highest quality ingredients for the best fat-burning potential!

With high doses of both acetyl l-carnitine, InnoSlim & CaloriBurn - 212° Thermo has you set up with the best possible fat-burning potential, dialling up your body's fat metabolism and getting a good sweat going!

212° Thermo goes a step further, adding a blend of ingredients to help boost your mood to take some of the weight off of that diet phase, making it a little bit more bearable - this is great for someone who's really towards the nitty gritty stage of their diet/prep and needs an extra push towards the finish line!

Key Benefits of 212 Thermo

  • Suppress Appetite
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Boosted Mental Focus
  • Increased Metabolism

Axe and Sledge's 212° Thermo features a host of trademarked ingredients, meaning you're guaranteed quality every single time you buy it.

Best taken prior to training, 212° Thermo sets you up for success, creating an optimal environment for fat loss - its powerhouse blend helps to boost your energy levels for better output in your training sessions, while also boosting your mental cognition and clarity for laser-like focus on your goal.

212° Thermo is specifically designed by the kick-ass team at Axe and Sledge to boost fat metabolisation and increase energy levels to create the perfect environment for optimal fat loss.

How To Take Axe and Sledge 212° Thermo Fat Burner?

Axe and Sledge 212° Thermo Fat Burner is best taken prior to training, simply mix 1 scoop with 250ml of water and consume 15-20 minutes before training.

With its high levels of caffeine, do not take any other stimulants alongside 212° Thermo and it's best to not take this 6-8 hours prior to bed.

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