Axe and Sledge Man Power Testosterone Booster

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Axe and Sledge Man Power

Axe and Sledge Man Power is a natural testosterone support supplement loaded with ingredients to regulate and support male hormone production.

Natural testosterone levels tend to decline from around age 30, which can affect many men’s energy, mood, sex drive, and body composition.

One of testosterone's primary functions is to encourage muscle tissue growth - as Man Power increases testosterone, we get enhanced muscle growth.

The added benefits from increased testosterone in the body include a higher level of energy and endurance as well as boosted libido. Man Power also regulates Estrogen to give you a drier and leaner look!


  • Natural aphrodisiac properties
  • Supports mood and overall energy levels
  • Includes plant-based steroid for increased lean muscle gain

Our Thoughts

Testosterone is a key component in strength, endurance, physical power, and male sex drive. In fact, there aren’t many systems in a man’s body that testosterone doesn’t help support! That’s why boosting levels with a product like Man Power has such impressive results - you’ll see immediate benefits to your overall health, your energy levels, and your performance on the gym floor too.


  • 350mg Tribulus Extract
  • 350mg Mucuna Pruriens Extract
  • 300mg Fenugreek Extract
  • 250mg Safed Musli Extract
  • 250mg Purified Shilajit
  • 150mg Longjack Extract
  • 150mg Maca Powder
  • 100mg 3,3'-Diindolymrthane (DIM)
  • 110mg Black Pepper Extract

What Does A Testosterone Booster Do?

Testosterone Boosters encourage the body to produce more testosterone, this increase helps with heightened muscle growth, recovery, and libido (sex drive.)

Is Axe and Sledge Man Power Natural?

Yes, Man Power is natural and in fact is formulated with scientifically proven ingredients for testosterone support.

How Much Does Axe and Sledge Man Power Cost? 

This is $89.95 for a 4-week supply.

Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results?

If you are looking for something to support overall health, try supplementing with Axe & Sledge Elbow Grease. This compound aids with reducing inflammation and pain in joints.

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stephen henry
Axe and Sledge Man Power Testosterone Booster

Very good product, will definitely buy again

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