Beta Ecdysterone by JDN Supplements

Size: 60 Capsules
Flavour: Unflavoured
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Beta Ecdysterone by JD Nutraceuticals

Beta Ecdysterone by JD Nutraceuticals is a powerful ecdysteroid, naturally derived from plants and insects which plays a key role in muscle development and athletic performance. Long utilized in Eastern European and Middle Eastern cultures for its health and performance qualities, JDN Beta Ecdysterone promotes morphogenesis - the process of new tissue growth - meaning it is absolutely vital for supercharging those muscle gains.

Features of Beta Ecdysterone

  • Natural anabolic agent
  • Support muscle growth
  • Promotes athletic performance
  • Contributes to overall health and vitality
  • Stacks well with a test booster

Our Thoughts

We didn’t think it was possible to find a product which functioned the same as a full-blown hormonal or anabolic muscle growth agent, without the worrying side effects or potential complications... Until we came across JDN Beta Ecdysterone. Derived from natural plant and insect sources, JDN Beta Ecdysterone supports muscle development and even promotes carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, taking you multiple steps closer to that ultimate shredded physique.

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