Chris Bumstead Thavage Pre Workout Australia
Chris Bumstead Thavage Pre Workout Australia

CBum Thavage Pre Workout

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Chris Bumstead Thavage Pre Workout Australia .


How Much Caffeine In Thavage Pre?

Thavage Pre Workout contains a combined amount of 162mg of caffeine per scoop. This is made up of standard caffeine anhydrous & di-caffeine malate. 

Does Thavage Pre Workout Have Creatine?

No, there is no creatine at all within Thavage. It does however have many other performance based ingredients such as Betaine & Beta Alanine. 

How Long Does Thavage Take To Kick In?

You will start to notice the effects of Thavage Pre Workout kicking in after about 20 minutes. 

When Will Pre Orders Of Thavage Be Shipping?

Our supplier has estimated that all orders will be shipped within the first 2 weeks of June pending no delays. 

Where Can You Buy Thavage Pre Workout In Australia?

Thavage Pre Workout is available to order at and will be available at all our retail locations including Ballarat, Geelong & Derrimut. 

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