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Flavour: Blackberry Lemonade
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Core Test by Core Nutritionals

Core Test by Core Nutritionals is a complete muscle building supplement. Designed to optimise testosterone levels for maximum performance and recovery, Core Test is the male athlete’s best friend when it comes to serious gains, and serious results. Core Test also improves your body’s ability to synthesise protein molecules and metabolise additional macronutrients, so all those supplements you pour in are quickly utilised to build and repair muscle tissue.


  • Potent testosterone support
  • Enables rapid body fat loss
  • Increases strength and power
  • Fuels lean muscle mass development

Our Thoughts

Core Test is an epic testosterone support supplement, which primes your body in multiple ways - to utilise protein molecules, repair muscle fibres, to minimise oestrogen and increase overall strength and power. We particularly like how Core Test increases free testosterone, being those testosterone molecules that haven’t been assigned an adrenal role yet and so are “free” to enable muscle building. Overall, Core Test means bigger muscles, bigger lifts, and bigger athletic potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Core Nutritionals Core Test is a complete muscle building supplement which has been designed to maximise testosterone levels for optimal muscle building.

When it comes to building muscle and improving recovery, testosterone is king.

More testosterone means you can go harder in the gym. Lift more weight,get more reps with a weight and do more damage to stimulate more lean muscle mass.

The advantage of higher testosterone is it also primes your body to be able to recover from this higher rate of stress on the muscles.

You'll be able to convert more dietary protein and amino acids into lean muscle mass so you can grow and recover faster in between workouts.

The real standout benefit of Core Nutritionals Core Test is its ability to elevate free testosterone. This is the leftover portion of testosterone which can be used to building muscle.

Higher free test creates the ideal environment for building muscles and burning body fat. You'll have lower estrogen alongside this higher test so you'll look leaner/harder within a matter of days.

How do I use it?
For best results mix 1 serve of Core Nutritionals Core Test in 300ml water either with your first meal in the morning or 45-60 minutes pre-workout.

Being a hormonal supplement we'd recommend taking this product for 4-8 weeks before taking a break for at least 4 weeks.

Should I take this with something else?
This would be ideal to stack alongside an estrogen modulated/blocker. The ingredients in these really compliment each other very well for a very complete muscle building stack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cameron Murray

Product arrived on time, even during the COVIID delays. Spartansuppz all day!

Core Nutrition Test

Best test on the market IMO. I have used about 6 different test support products and this is the only one I recommend.
Definate boost in energy, libido and over all focus.
Only downside I can see is it usually takes a couple of weeks to start noticing any difference

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