Spartans Performance Grips by Spartans Apparel | Gym Training Accessories | Spartansuppz

  • $49.95

What are the Spartans Performance Grips?

The Spartans Performance Grips are the latest and greatest addition to our Spartans training accessory range.

Grip can be a significant determining factor when training and a weak grip can be detrimental to your training performance.

The Spartans Performance Grips have been designed in such a way to improve your hold on dumbbells, barbells and cable attachments. There is nothing worse then when you are trying to hit some heavy barbells rows, deadlifts or lat pulldowns and your grip fails before your target muscles do.

These grips are easy to use & are fast to attach to any piece of equipment you are trying to use.

One size fits all with these and they are easy to get on and train like a beast.

The custom Spartans print is on each grip so you can look good while you train.


One size fits all with an adjustable velcro strap.

Suitable for both men and women.