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High-Performance Lifting Straps

The Spartans lifting Grips are perfect for those who really want to push themselves to the limit!

These are designed to allow us to train beyond the limit of our grip strength. The rubber pads give a superior hold to a traditional lifting strap as they are a grippier material, they also feature a velcro wrist wrap so you can keep them at the ready!

These are the ultimate lifting straps as they both enhance grip and support the wrists.

If you've used figure 6 lifting straps before you know how hard they can be to get hooked in. With these grips you simply grab and go. No messing about and you have a tacky, secure grip so you can focus on lifting and not on your hands.

Hook on easily, strap in and prepare to take your back workouts to the next level.

Features of these Lifting Grips

  • Velcro wrist wrap
  • Ideal for heavy back movements
  • Padded for comfort
  • Enhances grip strength
  • Protects your hands
  • No need for chalk

Why use lifting straps?

Lifting straps are a staple to any gym enthusiast's gym bag, and these performance grips take straps to the next level. These are perfect for reducing the emphasis on grip strength, allowing you to focus on contracting your target muscle group.

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