Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout

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Size: 25 Serves
Flavour: Rock n Rolla (Pineapple Twist)
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Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout

Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout is one of the most intense pre-workout blends on the market! Designed as the ultimate fuel for even the most gruelling workouts, Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout gives you the ability to tap into laser focus, god-like strength, and ultimate pumps.

A blend of classic ingredients and new cutting edge science, Ultra Pre Xtreme is specifically formulated to take pre-workout performance to the next level.


  • Potent pre-workout blend
  • Designed for the hardest workers in the gym
  • Metabolic and energy-boosting properties
  • Contains CNS stimulant and Astragin for increased absorption

Our Thoughts

When it comes to pre-workout formulas, Darkside Supps don’t mess around. An Ultra Pre Xtreme is no exception - it’s one of the best, strongest and most effective pre-workouts we’ve tried! With a balanced blend of ingredients designed to fuel heavy lifting and cardio sessions, Ultra Pre Xtreme will improve your mood and your focus just as much as it increases your PB.

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