Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout

Size: 20/40 Serves
Flavour: Kandy Krush
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Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout

Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout is one of the most intense pre-workout blends on the market! Designed as the ultimate fuel for even the most gruelling workouts, Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout gives you the ability to tap into laser focus, god-like strength, and ultimate pumps.

A blend of classic ingredients and new cutting edge science, Ultra Pre Xtreme is specifically formulated to take pre-workout performance to the next level.


  • Potent pre-workout blend
  • Designed for the hardest workers in the gym
  • Metabolic and energy-boosting properties
  • Contains CNS stimulant and Astragin for increased absorption

Our Thoughts

When it comes to pre-workout formulas, Darkside Supps don’t mess around. An Ultra Pre Xtreme is no exception - it’s one of the best, strongest and most effective pre-workouts we’ve tried! With a balanced blend of ingredients designed to fuel heavy lifting and cardio sessions, Ultra Pre Xtreme will improve your mood and your focus just as much as it increases your PB.

What is In Darkside Ultra Pe Xtreme Pre Workout?

The formula is fully transparently labelled, so we get to see exactly what we’re taking in each scoop.
As we know they make use of both classic well-known ingredients as well as the best-trademarked ingredients on today's market, so let's take a look at some key ingredients.

Key Ingredients:

  • L-Citrulline: Potent vasodilator which helps open up the blood vessels to allow more nutrient-rich blood to be delivered to the working muscles and cause muscle pumps
  • Infinergy®: A duel release form of caffeine to provide a sustained release of energy and prevent a crash.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: The most popular central nervous stimulant on the market. This compound boosts energy, metabolism and is one of the most beneficial performance ingredients on the market.
  • Astragin®: Support more efficient absorption of nutrients into the body.
  • Alpha GPC: A form of Choline that induces a euphoric feeling & boosts mental focus.

How much caffeine does Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme have?

Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre contains 320mg of caffeine per serve, which makes it a high stim pre workout for those that are sensitive to caffeine. This amount is the same as approx 4 - 5 strong coffees.

Does Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout Contain Creatine?

Darkside ultra pre does not contain any creatine. It does however contain quality ingredients such as citrulline, beta alanine and Alpha GPC. These ingredients are amazing for muscle volume, maximizing endurance and sharp mental focus.  

Is Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout Good?

Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout is an incredible high stim Pre Workout, focusing on including only quality ingredients. Darkside Ultra pre is amazing to stack with your favourite stimulant free pump formulas for the ultimate workout session pushing you to your limits. 

How Long Does Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme Pre Workout Take To Kick In?

Darkside Ultra Pre Xtreme takes 20 - 30 mins to absorb in the system which is perfect to have ready in your shaker to smash down on your way to the gym. Giving it the perfect amount of time to kick into high gear during your session.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Wondemaghen
Poor service

I havent even received the product or a refund. I ordered this product over a month ago. I am personally very displeased with this service

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