Disorder Bulge by Faction Labs

Size: 20/40 Serves
Flavour: Red Russian (Red Raspberry)
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Disorder Bulge by Faction Labs

Disorder Bulge by Faction Labs is a stimulant free pre-workout and pump supplement which will power ultimate performance and ultimate muscle pumps in the gym. Supporting strength, endurance and power without dosing you up on jittery stimulants, plus ingredients which promote vasodilation for muscle pumps, Disorder Bulge is designed to enable effective training without resulting in a post-workout crash.


  • Effective stimulant-free pre-workout
  • Nitric Oxide enabler for muscle pumps
  • No jitters or anxiety
  • Promotes muscular power and endurance.

Our Thoughts

Faction Labs Disorder Bulge is a powerful pre-workout, formulated to go the distance for serious athletes. Naturally caffeine free, Disorder Bulge is the perfect product for anyone looking for the extra training boost and energy rush, without jacking up your body and brain on endless stimulants. And because it has a vasodilating effect, Disorder Bulge promotes great muscle pumps so you look the part in the gym, too!

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