EAA+ by Chemix

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EAA+ by Chemix

EAA+ by Chemix is a highly potent essential amino acid blend that is specifically designed to help you achieve your best ever athletic performance. Made up of the essential amino acids which our body needs to move efficiently and recover quickly, EAA+ contains additional hydrating ingredients to ensure you are refueling and replenishing lost minerals even as you sweat it out in the gym.


  • Essential amino blend
  • Supports ultimate athletic performance
  • Additive- and allergen-free
  • Additional ingredients for hydration

Our Thoughts

EAA+ by Chemix is an incredibly effective essential amino blend which is built for incredible training results. As we train, and sweat, our body loses essential minerals and starts to deplete in terms of performance capacity. EAA+ replenishes these lost minerals, and contains additional hydrating ingredients to ensure you don’t get dehydrated even as you train intensely - allowing you to delay fatigue and recover more efficiently.

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