Gamer by Ghost Lifestyle

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Flavour: Peach
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Gamer by Ghost Lifestyle

Ghost Gamer delivers an epic combination of brain-boosting nootropics and natural caffeine to ensure you're zoned in and focused on the task at hand. If you have tried nootropics in the past you know how good they can be to stay on track - if you haven't tried them - you are missing out.

Gamer packs nooLVL®, L-Tyrosine & Cognizin® as its main nootropic sources. The combination of these ingredients will help to improve attention, reaction time & focus. The energy source comes from natural caffeine with a mild 150mg per 2 scoops. This mild dosage will eliminate any chance of crashing while giving you enough energy to power through those long sessions.

Key Features of Ghost Gamer Nootropic

  • Specifically Designed For Gaming & Concentration
  • 4 Patented Ingredients
  • 40 Scoops
  • Intense Mental Focus
  • Natural Caffeine

Our Thoughts

Whether you are looking to take over Verdansk or fight off hordes of zombies, Gamer is for you and will help get you the win! This nootropic formula is a great addition to any supplement or gaming stack!

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