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Buy Ghost Supplements On Sale Australia

Amino V2 by Ghost Lifestyle

Size: 40 Serves
Flavour: Mango
$69.95 $90.95

Buy Ghost Supplements On Sale Australia .


Amino V2 by Ghost Lifestyle

Amino V2 by Ghost Lifestyle is a complete intra-workout amino acid blend which boosts performance and enables muscular recovery. Vegan-friendly and naturally derived, Amino V2 combines unique hydration ingredients like organic coconut water powder with mental stimulants like taurine to form a potent, well-rounded performance enhancer. And because it contains Ghost’s patented Astragin technology, Amino V2 is optimised for maximal absorption and immediate utilisation.


  • High-quality EAA and BCAA blend
  • Provides intra-workout hydration
  • Supports mental clarity
  • Enables post-workout recovery

Our Thoughts

Amino V2 is an ultra-effective EAA and BCAA formula which serves benefits across the board. Amino acids - both branched-chain and essential - form the literal building blocks for muscle tissue, as well as acting as hydration, stimulants and energy sources during workouts. Dosing up on Amino V2 will keep you well-hydrated, keep muscles fresh and free from fatigue, and even speed up your post-training recovery process - so you’ll start to reap the benefits of your hard gym work almost immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Ghost Amino V2 is a compete intra-workout amino acid blend from the biggest trendsetters in the fitness industry.

Ghost is the worlds first fitness lifestyle nutrition company and they've set about creating more than just supplements.

The crew at Ghost were a long way ahead of most of the industry when they formulated the original Ghost Amino with a full EAA spectrum. While this was a great product, they knew they could do better & that is just what they have done.

The vegan-friendly Ghost Amino V2 now packs the following ingredients

  • Instantized Amino Acids 10g - This contains 5.5g of EAA's and 4.5g of BCAA's that are readily digestible to fast track recovery and lean muscle tissue growth.
  • Ghost Hydration Blend - A combination of Organic Coconut Water Powder, Taurine & Aquamin™. This blend of ingredients will ensure you stay adequately hydrated so you can continue to perform at your peak.
  • Astragin® - Astrigin® is a patented compound that helps to improve your bodies ability to uptake key amino acids in the body. The addition of Astrigin will ensure every serving of Amino V2 will be delivering maximum benefit.

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