Amino V2 by Ghost Lifestyle

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Size: 40 Serves
Flavour: Blue Raspberry
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Amino V2 by Ghost Lifestyle

Amino V2 by Ghost Lifestyle is a complete intra-workout amino acid blend which boosts performance and enables muscular recovery. Vegan-friendly and naturally derived, Amino V2 combines unique hydration ingredients like organic coconut water powder with mental stimulants like taurine to form a potent, well-rounded performance enhancer. And because it contains Ghost’s patented Astragin technology, Amino V2 is optimised for maximal absorption and immediate utilisation.


  • High-quality EAA and BCAA blend
  • Provides intra-workout hydration
  • Supports mental clarity
  • Enables post-workout recovery

Our Thoughts

Amino V2 is an ultra-effective EAA and BCAA formula which serves benefits across the board. Amino acids - both branched-chain and essential - form the literal building blocks for muscle tissue, as well as acting as hydration, stimulants and energy sources during workouts. Dosing up on Amino V2 will keep you well-hydrated, keep muscles fresh and free from fatigue, and even speed up your post-training recovery process - so you’ll start to reap the benefits of your hard gym work almost immediately.

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