Ghost Legend All Out Pre Workout

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Size: 20 Serves
Flavour: Green Apple
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Ghost Legend All Out Pre Workout - F*CKING SEND IT

Ghost Legend All Out is a potent pre-workout, designed to increase energy & performance.
Packed with 400mg of caffeine, this formula provides explosive energy without the crash.

Legend All Out also features a blend of mental focus-enhancing ingredients for focus.

Ghost have also added ingredients for better muscular power and endurance.

Key Features of Legend All Out Pre Workout:

✔️ Massive energy from 400mg of caffeine
✔️ Alpha-GPC for laser focus
✔️ Two mouth-watering flavours, Blue Raspberry & Warheads Sour Green Apple

The team at Ghost are known for world-renowned flavours & Legend All Out is no exception to this!

At present the flavour range consists of Blue Raspberry and Warheads Sour Green Apple

Each serve has 400mg of caffeine from natural sources.

No. There is zero creatine in Ghost Legend All Out at present.

Ghost pre is a superior product in our opinion. Bigger doses, more ingredients and far more comprehensive as a pre workout supplement.

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