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Ghost Legend Pre Workout

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Ghost Legend Pre Workout

Ghost Legend Pre Workout is a medium-stimulant pre-workout formula, designed to give you the exact energy boost required to make it through a challenging training session. Packing a moderate does of natural caffeine, Legend V2 delivers focus, pumps and energy for unparalleled athletic performance, which doesn’t come at the cost of a post-session comedown.


  • 250mg caffeine per serving
  • Medium stimulant energy formula
  • Nitrosgine and Senactive for improved strength and endurance
  • Delivers mental clarity and focus

Our Thoughts

Ghost Pre Workout is the perfect product. - not too heavy, not too light, Legend V2 delivers energy that’s just right! With 250mg of caffeine per serve, Legend V2 is strong enough to supercharge your fitness but not so intense that it will leave you sweaty, shaky, or staring at your ceiling all night. Aside from its perfect balance between too much and not enough, we also love the unique flavours and the superior ingredient quality, like the additional beta-alanine for muscular endurance. If we were giving one out, Legend V2 would win a “best all-rounder” medal!

When To Take Ghost Pre Workout?

We recommend taking Ghost Legend V2 pre workout 20-30 minutes prior to training. This gives the ingredients enough time to take effect and deliver a great training session.

Is Ghost A Good Pre Workout?

Ghost Legend Pre Workout is an excellent product that delivers on expectations every single time. It is the optimal blend of energy, pumps and performance. 

How Much Caffeine Is In Ghost?

Ghost preworkout has 250mg of natural caffeine in each serving. This is equivalent to approximately 2.5 cups of coffee.

How Long Does It Take For Ghost Pre Workout To Kick In?

You will start to notice the effects of a pre workout approximately 20 minutes after consuming it. If you have it on an empty stomach, you may feel the effects sooner.

How Strong Is Ghost Pre-Workout?

At 1 serving, Ghost has 250mg of caffeine which is slightly less than high energy pre workouts. They typically have around 300mg of caffeine in each serve.

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