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Flavour: Lemon Crush - V2
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Ghost Pre-Workout: Fuel of Legends

Ghost Pre-Workout helps you take your workouts to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned pro or starting out, Legend can help you push harder and longer in the gym. The ingredients in Ghost pre-workout help increase energy and mental focus. They also help deliver some crazy pumps in the gym! Every ingredient is hand-picked and dosed so you have the best of the best.
Increase performance, pump and crush your next workout with Ghost Legend.

Features of Ghost Legend Pre-Workout

✔ 4g Citrulline for crazy pumps
✔ 250mg Natural Caffeine for Clean Energy
✔3.2g Beta Alanine to Delay Fatigue & Push Out Extra Reps
✔ Nitrosogine for Long-Lasting Pumps
✔ Alpha GPC for Laser-Like Mental Focus
✔ Amazing Flavours

How do I use Ghost Pre-Workout?

Simply mix one scoop with 300ml of water and consume about 30 minutes before your workout.
If you're new to pre-workouts start with half a serve.

It's always best to seek medical advice before using a pre-workout.

What do we like about Ghost Pre-Workout at Spartans?

Ghost pre-workout is a real all-in-one formula. No shortcuts, no wasted space, only the best ingredients. The founders have created a great training experience with this product. It's obvious they battle-tested this and practice what they preach.
Pumps, performance, energy and dialled-in mental focus all in one powerhouse product.
Another standout is the flavours like Warheads Watermelon and Welches Grape. These are a great addition to the experience and make Ghost pre-workout a cut above.


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At present the flavour range of Legend includes:
Lemon Crush

Warheads Sour Watermelon

Welch's Grape

Red Frog

Blue Raspberry

Lemon Lime

Each serve has 250mg of caffeine from natural sources.

No. There is zero creatine in Ghost pre workout at present.

Ghost pre is a superior product in our opinion. Bigger doses, more ingredients and far more comprehensive as a pre workout supplement.

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