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Ghost Protein Powder: Next Level Flavoured Protein Powder

Ghost Protein Powder is a premium blended whey protein powder. Formulated from whey protein isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate, every mouthful encourages lean muscle mass development and supports recovery for longevity in training.

Naturally high in protein and loaded with branch-chain amino acids, Ghost Lifestyle Whey is incredibly bioavailable so can be put to good use by your body straight away.

Founders Dan and Ryan have been around the sports supplement industry for over 20 years combined and know a thing or two about making an amazing protein you'll look forward to having every single time.

Ghost Supplements doesn't mess around when it comes to creating the highest quality protein powder that mixes perfectly and tastes amazing.

Features of Ghost Protein Powder

  • Derived from 3 different protein types
  • 25g protein per serve
  • Includes WPI for immediate post-training recovery
  • Added whey protein powder for sustained delivery of amino acids
  • Delicious, unique flavour range with exclusive collabs

What do we like about Ghost Protein Powder at Spartans?

The flavours! Ghost has made protein powder fun and something you actually look forward to having each day.

The blend of different protein types means you get all the benefits but more importantly, it actually tastes really good so you want to hit your intake daily.

This is the real 'secret' to building muscle and Ghost has made it that much easier with this Ghost Whey.

How to take Ghost Protein Powder for best results?

This is ideally taken after training when you wanted a fast-digesting protein source. Simply mix 1-2 scoops of Ghost Whey in 300ml of cold water and consume.

If you struggle to get enough protein in throughout the day for recovery you can also add another shake somewhere throughout the day such as breakfast to kick start your day.

It's ideal to hit at least 2gm/kg of body weight each day if you're looking to put on lean muscle mass and support gains in the gym.

Ghost protein powder is the perfect way to supplement your protein intake and ensure you're on track to crushing your training goals.


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Ghost Whey currently comes in the following delicious flavours:

Milk Chocolate
Frosted Sugar Cookie
Cereal Milk
Choc Chip Cookie
Coffee Ice Cream
Fruit Cereal Milk
Peanut Butter Cereal Milk
Cinnamon Cereal Milk
There is a really good range to pick from but our favourites are the fruity cereal milk and choc chip cookie. These are a protein powder you really look forward to having every time and the texture is amazing.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Dickson
Amazing Flavours

Quite possible the best coffee flavoured protein on the market. If you like iced coffee this is an absolute must try product

Tyler Gluyas
Very quick shipment - tasty Ghost!

Choosing Spartan Supz has been a choice I have not regretted. Quick, prompt and relable. Would absolutely recommend to everyone

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