Greens by Ghost Lifestyle

Size: 30 Serves
Colour: Guava Berry
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Ghost Lifestyle Greens

  • 6.5g of fruits and veggies
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Delicious flavours

It is no question that our general health is key to keeping our bodies performing optimally, inside and outside of the gym. Ghost Lifestyle Greens helps us establish a very solid foundation on which we can build the body we want.

In today’s day and age we know that we do not consume anywhere near enough fruits or vegetables as we should, this formula lets easily and cost-effectively meet our necessary intake - with it now being so easy to take, it makes it so much easier for us to become consistent with our nutrition.

This formula is also vegan-friendly, soy-free and gluten free, making it a great suit for almost everyone!

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the ingredients that make it so good.

Key Ingredients:

Greens Blend: Green Veggies are key to a healthy diet, they are packed full of vitamins that are essential to keeping our bodies healthy and running optimally.

Reds Blend: Reds or fruits are rich in antioxidants which help defend our cells against damage caused by potentially harmful molecules.

Inulin: inulin is used in the gut to increase the number of healthy bacteria, aid digestion and enhance your body’s production of valuable vitamins.

Final Thoughts

Greens is a perfect formula for anyone and everyone to take, year-round. If you really want to take care of your body, don’t look past this.

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