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Hard Extreme by Core Nutritionals

Hard Extreme by Core Nutritionals is a body recomposition supplement built to turn your body into a lean muscle building machine. With dual function, controlling the production of both oestrogen and cortisol, Hard Extreme minimises your body’s fat storage potential and creates the perfect environment for you to sculpt your ultimate, toned physique. Plus, its clinical ingredient blend contains compounds to support your sleep, energy, and overall mental wellbeing too.


  • Potent adrenal support supplement
  • Reduces cortisol and oestrogen
  • Encourages lean muscle building
  • Supports sleep and energy levels

Our Thoughts

Hard Extreme is one of the best adrenal support supplements on the market. It works by addressing the ‘Big 2’ chemicals in body fat storage: cortisol and oestrogen. There are added bonuses in minimising these two; reduced anxiety, improved mood, increased libido and even better sleep. If overall body recomposition is your ultimate goal, Hard Extreme is the perfect supplement to add to your stack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Hard Extreme is a Body Recomposition supplement built to not only help your body control estrogen but also cortisol to create the perfect environment for your body to be able to build lean muscle mass and reduce your overall body fat percentage.

Each serve of Hard Extreme contains 600mg of KSM-66, to aid in the reduction of cortisol in the body, 200mg of DIM to regulate healthy oestrogen levels but also 300mg of L-Theanine to not only further aid in the body's cortisol by aiding with stress and anxiety but also work to improve sleep quality.

Core Nutrition have a mission statement; create products with effective ingredients, in effective doses, in a non-proprietary formula and Hard Extreme meets that to a tee. If Body Recomposition is your goal then adding this into your supplement stack is the right move.

Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results?
Take Hard Extreme with a natural test booster for even better results.

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