Hosstile Supplements Intra[R3] Intra Workout

Size: 20 Serves
Flavour: Orange
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Hosstile Supplements Intra[R3] Intra Workout

Intra[R3] is a complete intra-workout solution designed to deliver maximum performance and recovery after every session.

This combines insulin driving carbohydrate in cluster dextrin and combines it with free form branched-chain amino acids and essential amino acids to push performance and recovery to new levels.

There's also a mushroom complex to improve mental focus and clarity during your workouts and added electrolytes for hydration.

This truly is a complete intra-workout supplement that covers all basis and saves you the headache of buying 5 different products to blend your own recovery formula.


  • All-in-one complete intra-workout powerhouse
  • Delivers proven doses and ratio of all 9 EAA's
  • Added electrolytes for maximum absorption
  • Powered by trademarked cluster dextrin

Our Thoughts

We love Intra[R3] as it uses the best sources of carbohydrates and combines it with free form BCAA's and EAA's to drive them into the muscles where they are needed most.

Carbs drive insulin which is anti-catabolic so we like that Fouad Abiad and the team at Hosstile Supplements have taken this into consideration and created a truly stacked supplement that covers everything you can need during training.

It packs everything you'd want in a single supplement and saves the hassle of buying multiple supplements and trying to create your own blend.

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