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Size: 40 Serves
Flavour: Candy Watermelon
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Hybrid Nutrition ACTV8 Shred Fat Burner

Hybrid Nutrition ACTV8 Shred Fat Burner is a market-leading weight loss support supplement. ACTV8 Shred provides smooth, clean energy to keep you performing and training at your peak throughout your weight loss journey. The combination of Acetyl L-Carnitine, Paradoxine & GBBGO will make you hot, and sweaty and support an increase in the transportation of fatty acids to be used as energy.

If you are looking to turn the dial up on your weight loss program, try supplementing with ACTV8 Shred by Hybrid Nutrition today.


  • Smooth, clean energy
  • Mixes well in water
  • Amazing flavours to choose from
  • Supports metabolism
  • 40 serves

Our thoughts

ACTV8 Shred is one of the most popular thermogenic supplements on the market. This product is perfect for those wanting to use it as a pre-workout or as a boost to their weight-loss program.

How many calories in ACTV8 Shred?

Each serving or 1 scoop of ACTV8 Shred by Hybrid Nutrition has 6 calories. So definitely not going to put you over your daily caloric intake! Perfect to take in the mornings or before exercise. 

How Much Caffeine Is IN Actv8 Shred Fat Burner?

Hybrid Nutrition's ACTV Shred fat burner contains 200mg of Caffeine for every serve. Which is equivalent to 2-3 Standard cups of coffee which is perfect to be used as a higher energy Pre Workout, or just as a standalone Fat Burner.

Does ACTV8 Shred Fat Burner Contain Sugar?

Each Serve of ACTV8 Shred contains as little as 1.3g of sugars, Making it Keto friendly and along with there being 6 Calories in a scoop makes ACTV8 Shred a perfect weight loss helper paired with a fitness plan & calorie controlled diet.

Can You Use Actv8 Shred As A Pre Workout?

With 200mg of Caffeine per serve, ACTV8 Shred Fat Burner can definitely be used as a mid range energy Pre Workout. Amping you up and giving you a good sweat during an intense workout.

Where can I buy ACTV8 Shred Fat Burner?

ACTV8 Shred can be found at one of your local Spartansuppz retail stores in Geelong/Derrimut or Ballarat, where our friendly staff can help you out. Alternatively for our non Victorian friends we ship Australia wide! Visit our website at Spartansuppz.com to view our range!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rebecca Van oorschot
Great product!

I love having this as part of my routine. Great product and flavours to get you going in the morning.

Works well but wouldn’t get again

Grape not that nice, but works as days and was cheap on clearance

Hey Trilby, Thank you for your review!

I can reach out to the team, and ask them to send your some other flavour recommendations, if you would like? or if you have possible flavour recommendations we'd love to hear them and pass them onto Hybrid nutrition!

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