Legacy by Muscle Nation

Size: 30 Serves
Flavour: Green Melon
$64.95 $77.95


Legacy by Muscle Nation

Legacy by Muscle Nation is a high-intensity muscle pump and pre-workout formula. Formulated with effective performance ingredients like L-Tyrosine and Beta-Alanine, and containing a high energy caffeine blend for incredible energy and muscle stamina, Legacy is an advanced pre-workout that will give even the most seasoned athletes a serious performance boost.


  • High potency pre-workout formula
  • 300mg caffeine per serve
  • Enables muscle pumps and fullness
  • Supports mental clarity and focus

Our Thoughts

Providing energy for training, fuel for recovery, and a juicy muscle pump effect along the way, Legacy is an awesome all-rounder which can be utilized in achieving multiple performances or physique goals. We love the unique ingredient blend which allows you to train harder, for longer, and even feel more clear and focused throughout your workout - and Legacy even provides a significant muscle pump effect so your muscles look great during training!

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