Magic Minos by Magic Nutrition

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Magic Minos by Magic Nutrition

Magic Minos by Magic Nutrition is a powerful BCAA and EAA supplement designed to support muscle recovery and repair and fuel heavy physical training. Combining proven dosages of all 9 essential amino acids, Magic Minos works to hydrate and energise your body during a workout, as well as kicking off immediate post-training replenishment and tissue repair. Fermented for optimised absorption and digestion, Magic Minos uses only premium ingredient sources - so you know you’re getting ultra-clean aminos which will fuel your body to it’s best ever performance.


  • Scientific BCAA and EAA blend
  • Fuels muscle repair and recovery
  • Optimised for digestion
  • Encourages protein synthesis

Our Thoughts

Magic Minos combine the exact dosage of essential and branched-chain amino acids to power recovery and maximum performance. That means no more stiff and sore muscles, no more intense post-workout fatigue, and definitely no more lost gains! Because it contains added electrolytes, Magic Minos works to rehydrate and replenish from the very first sip - so you get much-needed assistance throughout your workout, and far beyond.

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