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Martian by Myoblox

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Martian by Myoblox

Martian by Myoblox is an organic green and superfood supplement designed to improve overall health and wellbeing. Delivering the equivalent of 34 servings of vegetables in every serving, Martian packs a serious nutritional punch to fill gaps with its patented blend of fruit, vegetable and vitamin compounds. Optimising your body’s pH level, improving digestion and encouraging better nutrient absorption, Martian is an out-of-this-world solution to a huge host of everyday health problems.


  • Organic superfood and greens blend
  • Energises and detoxifies
  • Improves digestion and overall nutrient absorption
  • No artificial flavours, sweeteners or colouring agents

Our Thoughts

Martian is the new evolution in superfoods and greens supplementation. Blended from natural botanical sources, Martian delivers serious nutritional benefits without that freshly mowed grass taste. We don’t have time to list out all the incredibly healthy ingredients - each serving has over 34 of them - but trust us when we say you’ll recognise them all as ultimate dietary additives. Cutting edge science meets unrivalled flavour profile: Martian will clean up your diet in ways you never thought possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It?
This is a superfood & greens supplement. The crew at Myoblox have been wanting to release a superfoods formula for a very long time. There are so many ordinary, horrible tasting formula's on the market & Myoblox knew they had to stand out from the crowd.

Martian is the product of art & science. A mixture of cutting edge ingredients, fused with unrivaled flavouring systems.

This product combines 3 patented compounds to deliver a host of super concentrated fruits, vegetables, and vital antioxidants.

How Do I Use It?
Take 1 serving first thing in the morning with water.

Should I Use Anything Else For Best Results?
If you are looking for another supplement to improve your general health, consider taking a multivitamin to fill any nutritional deficiencies. 

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