Martian by Myoblox

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It?
This is a superfood & greens supplement. The crew at Myoblox have been wanting to release a superfoods formula for a very long time. There are so many ordinary, horrible tasting formula's on the market & Myoblox knew they had to stand out from the crowd.

Martian is the product of art & science. A mixture of cutting edge ingredients, fused with unrivaled flavouring systems.

This product combines 3 patented compounds to deliver a host of super concentrated fruits, vegetables, and vital antioxidants.

How Do I Use It?
Take 1 serving first thing in the morning with water.

Should I Use Anything Else For Best Results?
If you are looking for another supplement to improve your general health, consider taking a multivitamin to fill any nutritional deficiencies. 

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