Maxs Anabolic Night Protein Powder

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Maxs Anabolic Night Protein Powder

Maxs Anabolic Night Protein Powder is a high quality micellar casein supplement which provides long lasting recovery and muscle gains. Because it takes up to 8 hours to digest, casein is a favourite before-bed supplement for many athletes, allowing your body to recover and repair muscle tissue while you sleep. Loaded with amino acids plus sleep-friendly compounds like chamomile and skullcap, Anabolic Night aids in REM and deep sleep cycles, further supporting your body’s rest and relaxation.


  • High quality micellar casein
  • 24g protein per serve
  • Contains calming compounds to promote relaxation
  • Supports muscular repair

Our Thoughts

We’re always looking for ways to streamline our supplement regime and get more bang for our buck. That’s why we love Maxs Anabolic Night Protein Powder - it provides all the regular benefits of a lean protein powder, like supporting muscle growth and repair, and doubles up as a calming, relaxing pre-bedtime beverage! Sleep + recovery + gains? Sign us up!


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