Maxs Clean Mass Protein Powder

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Maxs Clean Mass Protein Powder

Maxs Clean Mass Protein Powder is a moderate calorie weight gainer designed to enable clean weight gain without compromising macro targets. With a balanced carb: protein ratio, Clean Mass has optimised the muscle growth and recovery formula, without promoting the storage of excess body fat. Blended from 4 different types of whey protein, Clean Mass is ideal as an immediate post-training supplement to replenish glycogen and encourage muscle repair, while the other slower-release proteins keep you powered, and recovering, for the whole rest of the day.

Benefits of Maxs Clean Mass Gainer

  • High-quality mass gainer
  • Blended from multiple protein sources
  • 36g protein and 6.7g glutamine per serve
  • Comprehensive essential and non-essential amino acids

Our Thoughts

Maxs Clean Mass Protein Powder is a solid option for anyone looking to pack on muscle. Moderate strength, with around 460 calories per serve, Clean Mass delivers the bulk dose of nutrients your body needs to recover, repair, and grow serious mass. High in carbohydrate but low in sugar, Clean Mass prevents the storage of fat cells, so you can rest assured that more of those hard-earned kgs are being dedicated to lean muscle mass development.


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Customer Reviews

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Leigh Staker
Simply great

Not only does the clean mass shake taste amazing but it works and in so many different ways. The website is easy to use and makes ordering, paying and setting up the shipping almost effortless.

James Dent

Best tastin protien i habe had to date. Nice easy to drink.

Brody Walker

Max's Clean Mass

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