Creatine X8 by Maxs

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Creatine X8 by Maxs

Creatine X8 by Maxs is a pharmaceutical-grade creatine supplement proven to increase muscle growth. Blending 8 different types of high-quality protein including a monohydrate, HCL and creatine anhydrous, Maxs creatine X8 draws on the multitude of benefits each different form of creatine offers, turning your body into an explosive training machine and elevating your strength and performance.


  • Ultra-premium creatine supplement
  • Improves muscular power and endurance
  • Blended from 8 quality creatine sources
  • Fuels post-training recovery

Our Thoughts

Creatine is one of the most highly regarded training supplements on the market - and Max’s Creatine X8 is one of the best of the bunch. Because it blends multiple creatine types, Creatine X8 works from many angles to power your athletic performance and post-workout recovery. It’s also slower-release, meaning it’s easier on your digestive system and more bioavailable to fuel whatever you choose to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maxs Creatine?
Max's Creatine X8 is a blended creatine product from the Max's Lab Series.

As the name suggests this combines 8 different forms of creatine for maximum effect.

Each form of creatine has its benefits and drawbacks.

By taking only one form you are limited in the scope of the benefits.

Max's Creatine X8 combines 8 very effective and powerful forms of creatine a synergistic effect of elevated strength & performance.

Creatine has been proven to be on the most effective performance boosting supplements.

Its role is recycle energy for explosive lifting such as sprints, squats or an all out set of bench press.

Max's Creatine X8 is pure pharmaceutical grade and only the finest sources have been used.

Standout forms of creatine include monohydrate, creatine hcl and creatine anhydrous.

Another advantage of this blend of various forms of creatine is the sustained release for better digestion and utilisation.

Slower release means easier uptake, easy on the stomach & better results.

How do I use it?
Max's Creatine X8 is best taken 2 x per day-once in the morning & again immediately post-workout.

Simply mix 1 serve in 400ml water and consume. This can be added to you post-workout protein shake if desired.

Should I take this with anything else?
For best results, stack this with a lean protein for muscle recovery.

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Effectively dosed, good pumps

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