Musclez by Zombie Labs

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Musclez Protein by Zombie Labs

Elevate workouts with Musclez for relentless gains and unparalleled performance. Experience tantalizing flavor igniting muscle growth, while the bio-enhanced 3-stage protein blend fuels continuous amino acid release. Revive gains with essential BCAA's and 8g packed nutrients. Benefit from Digezyme® for digestion and recovery, plus AstraGin® for boosted absorption. Answer the call, and unlock your superhuman potential.

Features of Muslez Protein Powder

  • 23g protein per serve
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • Aussie owned & made
  • Digezyme for better digestion
  • Astragin for better absoprtion 
  • 12 great flavours

How to use Musclez by Zombie Labs

For best results, mix 1-2 scoops in 300 mils of cold water and consume immediately post-workout. To increase the benefits of your post-workout shake, add some creatine. This supports recovery in two ways for better results.

What do we like about Musclez at Spartans? 

Musclez by Zombie Labs is an absolute game-changer! The flavours are unreal – it's like a party for your taste buds while feeding your muscles.

The 3-stage protein blend keeps me on top of my recovery game, and those added BCAA's are a game-changer for progress. Digezyme® sorts out digestion, and AstraGin®? Trust me, it's the secret sauce. Seriously, it's time to take your gains to a whole new level with Musclez!

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