Ep1logue by Olympus Labs

Size: 60 Capsules - 1 Month Supply
Flavour: Unflavoured
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Ep1logue by Olympus Labs

Natural muscle building supplements have come a long way in recent time with a host of new ingredients showing excellent results. Being such an innovative company like they are, Olympus Labs have formulated a true non-hormonal & muscle-building compound in Ep1logue. This product combines multiple innovative ingredients to target and support muscle growth on multiple pathways in a safe, natural way.

Key Features

  • Increased lean muscle tissue
  • Dense muscle pumps
  • Increased vascularity
  • Decrease in myostatin levels to support muscle growth
  • Increase muscle protein synthesis

Our Thoughts

If you've tried Olympus Labs products before, you will know exactly what you are in for with Ep1logue. This potent muscle building supplement follows suit with their hardcore range and is sure to get you pumped up and getting results in the gym in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
This is a natural muscle building supplement

How do I use it?
On training days, take two capsules 30 minutes prior to training. On non-training days, take one capsule in the morning and one at night before bed.

Who is this for?
This is for anyone looking to step up their lean muscle gain and really pack on size

Key Ingredients:

  • PhytoFuse™ Epicatechin 600mg: Epicatechin first became popularised in 2016 for its ability to interfere & inhibit Myostatin. Myostatin is seen as the hand-brake to muscle tissue growth, so by inhibiting this, the body is signalled to essentially continue to develop lean muscle tissue. This form of Epicatechins uses PhytoFuse™ delivery technology to improve its bioavailability significantly.
  • Vaso6™ 300mg: A popular and effective compound that has been shown to increase blood flow and pumps. Studies claim that Vaso6 is 10x more effective at doing this than citrulline.
  • UroBolin™ 150mg: The trademarked version of the compound Urolithin B (UB). UB is a promising compound that has made its way into a handful of supplements. In studies, it has been shown to have anti-catabolic properties, be 80% more anabolic than testosterone inactivating androgen receptors & over 50% more effective at increasing muscle protein synthesis than insulin.


Does it have any side effects?
In healthy individuals, following the recommended doses there are not likely to be any side effects - please consult a health professional if you notice any adverse effects.

Should I use anything else for the best results?
If you are looking to give your body the best chance at gaining a leaner, drier physique, then try stacking Olympus Labs Ep1logue a thermogenic formula.

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