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This is a bench press amplifier with three disinct benefits:

  1. Bench Heavier Without Pain-take the strain off your shoulders and support your elbows while increasing your bench technique
  2. Apply Overload-lift more total weight in both reps and max weight so you can overload your bench press and get stronger faster!
  3. Reinforce Optimal Form-in addition to supporting strength the Sling Shot also irons in great technique to increase strength and keep you safe.

The Original Sling Shot is a bench press training tool. This was designed by Mark Bell after numerous shoulder issues and continual pain. This has been designed to teach optimal form and technique during the bench press.

It works in a similar fashion to a bench shirt. The main differences however are it is much softer, easier to get on/off, and versatile.

The range has varying strengths. The Original Sling Shot is an intermediate level and ideally used for repetition or maximum effort work. Expect to be able to overload your bench press by 10-15% when using this.

If your max bench is 315lb/143kg for a single-this may allow you to hit that for 1-2 sets of 3 reps.

This has slightly more assistance than the reactive and can be used on just about any bench press variation.

It can be added toward the end of your workout to increase volume. It can also be used to do some CNS training at the end of your workout and get you used to handle heavier weight. This is an excellent tool to handle heavier weights for more volume.

More volume means faster CNS adaptation and more muscle stimulation for gains in both size and strength so this is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to get bigger and/or stronger.

It also teaches you to tuck your elbows and keep your shoulders down. This is where you are both strongest and safest.


The Original Sling Shot is for anyone who wants to get bigger, stronger, or faster. This is a very versatile training tool and has been designed to cater to all levels from the elite powerlifter to the newbie CrossFit athlete who wants to improve their technique. This is also a great teaching tool for coaches. It has a wide range of applications not only for strength training. It can also be useful for increasing muscular endurance, joint health, and explosive power.


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