Nexus Per4m Pre Workout

Size: 50 Serves
Flavour: Electric Mango
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Nexus Per4m Pre Workout: Intense Energy to Crush Every Workout

Nexus Per4m is a complete pre-workout to deliver powerful energy and help you power through your next training session.

Each serve of Per4m is LOADED with proven ingredients to fuel energy, enhance performance and power some serious muscle pumps.

If you've been struggling during workouts and are disappointed with other pre-workouts, Per4m is here to help!

The energy is intense, the pumps are crazy and it packs a mood-enhancing energy blend so power through your workouts.

Key Features of Perf4m Pre Workout

  • Skin-splitting pumps with 6gm l-citrulline and 200mg l-norvaline
  • Powerful energy with 400mg caffeine and 200mg english walnut
  • Mood-enhancing blend combining mesembrine and tyrosine
  • Power through the burn with 3.2gm beta-alanine
  • Amazing flavours to choose from

What do we like about Per4m pre-workout at Spartans?

Nexus has done a great job combining everything you'd want in a high-energy pre-workout. Intense muscle pumps, strong energy and also an intelligent mood-enhancing blend to go with it.

Many pre-workouts are lacking massively in multiple areas but Per4m has everything covered and also has some seriously impressive flavours as well!


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Each Scoop of Per4m Features:

3000mg L-Citrulline Malate
1600mg Beta-Alanine
500mg Taurine
250mg L-Tyrosine
250mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
200mg Caffeine Anhydrous
125mg Alpha GPC
100mg L-Norvaline
100mg English Walnut
65mg Theobromine Cacao Extract
50mg L-Theanine
15mg Kanna Extract
15mg Bitter Orange Extract
12.5mg Pterostilbene
5mg Black Pepper Extract
0.05mg Vitamin B12
0.05mg Vitamin C

Each tub of Per4m pre contains 50 serves. If you like your pre-workout strong you can take up to 2 scoops for a seriously intense training session.

Per4m has 400mg of caffeine for the 2-scoop, hardcore serving,

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