EHP labs Pride Pre Workout

Size: 20/40 Serves
Flavour: Raspberry Twizzle
Sale price$69.95 Regular price$90.95


At present Pride comes in 7 amazing flavours:

NEW Voodoo Blackberry
Cotton Candy

Sour Green Apple

Blue Slushie

Raspberry Twizzle

Fantasy Soda (Orange)

Strawberry Snowcone

Jungle Fruits (limited edition)

Our favorite flavour is the all-new Voodoo blackberry! EHP make some epic flavours but this new one is incredible and you really look forward to having it because it tastes so good.

In each scoop of Pride you can expect:

2500mg Performance EAA Blend

1000mg iBCAA Leucine
500mg iBCAA Isoleucine
500mg iBCAA Valine
175mg L-Phenylalaline
125mg L-Threonine
50mg L-Histidine
25mg L-Methionine
25mg L-Tryptophan
275mg Pentaffeine 5-Stage Energy Release

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous
50mg Infinergy (Di-Caffeine Malate)
25mg Green Coffee Extract
25mg Innova Tea (Green Tea Extract (Caffeine))
25mg Yerba Mate
50mg Natural Bitter Orange Extract (30%)
825mg Super Nootropic Focus Blend

500mg L-Tyrosine
250mg Taurine
50mg SerinAid (Phosphatidylserine 20%)

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