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Intracell 7 Black by Primeval Labs

Intracell 7 Black by Primeval Labs is an intra-workout powerhouse designed to fuel training performance and recovery. Specifically formulated to increase protein synthesis, encourage intra-workout hydration and facilitate efficient nutrient delivery to working muscles, Intracell 7 Black is a new horizon of amino acid formulas. As an added bonus, Intracell 7 Black contains a complex carbohydrate blend to replenish lost glycogen and refuel muscles during a training session.


  • High performance BCAA/EAA Blend
  • Added electrolytes for improved hydration
  • Carbohydrates for sustained energy
  • Encourages muscle pump

Our Thoughts

Intracell 7 Black is one of the most comprehensive and high performing recovery formulas on the market! It contains everything you need to complete a high-intensity workout - carbohydrates for energy, BCAA/EAA blend for muscle repair, various vasodilators to stimulate muscle pumps and even coconut water for hydration. Intracell 7 Black is our pick for anyone who wants to train hard, and recover easy.

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Cory Sullivan

Primeval Labs Intracell7 Black

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