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Colour: Vanilla Creme
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What is Rule 1 R1 Natural Protein?

Rule 1 R1 Naturally Flavoured is a high-quality whey protein isolate.

This is a super clean, high quality, fast-digesting protein powder designed to increase protein intake and boost recovery.

The best thing about it?

Rule 1 R1 Naturally Flavoured does not contain any artificial flavours, colours, gums or fillers!

Usually, when naturally flavoured proteins hit the market, they taste awful. Rule 1 have gained a huge reputation with high-quality products and excellent flavours and this product is no exception.

When it comes to getting bigger, faster, stronger or elevating recovery protein intake is one of the most important determining factors.

If you don't have sufficient protein intake in your diet you'll find it takes significantly longer to recover and DOMS last much longer as well.

R1 Natural Protein uses just two main ingredients for this product being Whey Protein Isolate & Whey Protein Hydrolysate. These 2 forms of protein are extremely fast-digesting, making it perfect to consume post-workout, along with being ideal for people who struggle to digest dairy.

This makes this the ideal at times throughout the day when our bodies need a fast-digesting protein source such as post-workout.

R1 Natural Protein is also sweetened naturally with Stevia & is incredibly light on your digestive system.


For best results mix 1-2 scoops of Rule 1 R1 Naturally Flavoured in 400ml cold water first thing in the morning and again post-workout. This can also be taken before bed if you need to increase your daily protein intake.

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