Hip Circle 2.0 by Sling Shot

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Hip Circle 2.0 by Sling Shot

The Sling Shot Hip Circle 2.0 is possibly the most important training accessory for anyone who wants to make improvements in their training. As the name suggests this supports healthy hip function and is an excellent warm-up tool before just about any sort of lower body exercise.

The Hip Circle 2.0 is a tighter material and is designed to help build up the muscles around the hips. These can be very hard to target but this tool makes it easy and a great pre-hab/rehab option as well. It assists with activation of the hip muscles which makes it an amazing tool using warming up for strength work or even as an actual exercise for great development.


  • Helps with hip mobility
  • Reduces injury risks
  • Great for warming up
  • Great for rehabilitation

Our Thoughts

Trust us, you have never felt your glutes firing as much in a squat as they do when you use a Hip Circle. This is also a very useful tool for teaching athletes to force their knees out in the squat/deadlift.

This is a very effective training tool and one we highly recommend if you want to improve performance, get stronger, work on your glutes/hips and prevent/fix injuries Take your performance and recovery to the next level with the Sling Shot Hip Circle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ehsan Kashanchi
Great Device for squat exercise

Great Device for squat exercise

Great price and quick delivery

This was the first time I had brought anything from spartansuppz and was very impressed with the price and how quickly it was delivered. I’ll be buying from them again

Dean Myall (au_myal)
Hip circle

Fast postage quality item. Will buy from again.

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