Smart Protein Bar by Smart Diet Solutions

Size: Single
Flavour: Apricot Coconut
$4.95 $6.50


Smart Protein Bar by Smart Diet Solutions

Smart Protein Bar by Smart Diet Solutions is a delicious protein-rich snack to fuel your workout. Low in fat and carbohydrate and naturally gluten-free, the Smart Protein Bar packs up to a hefty 20g of protein per serving, helping fuel lean muscle gain and preventing catabolism without compromising any of your other macronutrient goals. Plus, thanks to a well-designed ingredient blend and perfect macro balance, the Smart Protein Bar is keto-friendly and free from sugar alcohols, so suitable for those following strict performance diets.


  • Premium protein bar
  • Only ~1g of sugar and ~4.5g fat per serve
  • Keto-friendly and allergen-free
  • Delicious flavor range

Our Thoughts

Smart Diet Solutions’ Smart Protein Bar is a new horizon in sports performance snacking! Gluten-free and containing masses of fiber for healthy gut function, The Smart Protein Bar packs benefits for all-around health and performance. And best of all, it’s formulated with zero sugar alcohols and only around 1g of sugar per bar, so Smart Protein Bar will give you the taste sensation of an indulgent candy bar without compromising your daily macros.

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