Spartans Strong Competition Sleeves by Spartans Apparel

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Spartan Strong Knee Sleeves are high quality protection for your knees.

If you suffer from knee pain during squatting,front squatting or any other leg training these are a must have.

Knee sleeves are designed to keep your knees warm during training. They bring blood to the area which helps keep them lubricated and safe. Especially when it’s cold warming up the knees can be quite difficult-these help that process a lot.

These also provide light compression on the knee joint. Although they don’t directly help with strength they do encourage good technique. These are not as strong as knee wraps but do provide some nice support.

Use the size chart below to choose your correct sizing:

Size chart:
(knee circumference)

Extra Small: 30-33cm

Small: 33-35cm

Medium: 35-37cm

Large: 37-40cm

Extra Large: 40-43cm

The Spartan Strong Knee Sleeves come in two strength variations.

The Training Sleeve:

These are a 7mm neoprene material which is soft,flexible and provides a light amount of compression. These are very versatile and can be worn as either knee or elbow sleeves for joint protection & warmth.

The Competition Sleeve:

These sleeves have been designed for maximum strength & performance. If you want to lift the most weight possible then this is the sleeves that you want.

They are a stronger material which provides a little extra drive out of the bottom of the squat. The rigid design of these provides extra compression and will allow for maximum weight on the bar.


Spartan Strong Knee Sleeves can be used on any action involving the knee joint-primarily squats/squat variations.

These are great to get the knees warm and keep them that way to stay safe and keep joints healthy.

We would recommend doing some body weight warm-up exercises to get yourself ready for your main left. Once you move onto your main lift (squats for example) these can be added. We would recommend using these for your main lifts but avoiding them on warm ups so you get some extra stabilising work in.

If you are competing in powerlifting please check with your federation to see if these are approved for use.

NOTE: these also double as excellent elbow sleeves. For this we'd recommend the training sleeves.

You can use the same size guide above. Generally is you wear a large pair of knee sleeves you'd were a small/medium pair of sleeves for your elbows.