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What does Beta Ecdysterone do?

Beta Ecdysterone is a widely recognized plant steroid which flies under the radar as Turkesterone became popular. This chemical is a chemical known as an ecdysteroid which is naturally found in plant and insect tissues and plays a key structural function in both. Its use in the Middle Eastern world is not really new. It has also been suggested that ecdysterone was used in the use of Russian Olympians and athletes.

What is the origin of Beta Ecdysterone?

Beta-Ecdysterone are hormones in a plant, animal, or plant that are found in insects or arthropods. Ecdysteroids can be derived from cholesterol once metabolized. In other terms, ecdysteroids are considered essential components to morphogenetic processes required for tissue development. The human body also has receptors to ecdysteroids that are activated for various health benefits, such as muscle growth.

Is Beta-Ecdysterone an anabolic steroid?

Ecdysterone catches most attention because it is naturally anabolic and adaptogenic. The supplement has wide acclaim as a dietary stimulant for athletes, increasing strength and muscle mass during resistance exercise.

What is the recommended dosage of Ecdysterone supplementation?

Take up to 1 capsule daily based on dosage and anticipated effects. Beginners can take 500-1000 mg daily with advanced doses of 500-2000 mg.

Where to buy Ecdysterone Supplements?

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